Our Embedded Services

At Aomata, we embrace the challenge of helping you choose a Hardware that is optimal to your needs, develop firmware software that fully utilizes the capabilities of the selected Hardware and then build end to end solution on this platform that is simple, reliable and above all meets your needs. We cater to all your Embedded System integration needs. Our highly skilled engineers have a rich history of developing solutions on ARM and x86 based hardware utilizing Windows Embedded Compact and Standard as well as Embedded Linux operating systems


  • Hardware Selection.
  • Operating System Configuration.
  • Device driver development and porting.
  • Custom/Standard Protocol stack development
  • Custom Application Development and Porting
  • Test Infrastructure Setup

  • Requirement Specification
  • Boot loader, OAL Customization
  • System performance optimization
  • Boot-time improvement, Power management
  • CTK compliance for Windows Embedded Compact BSPs
  • Functional ,Performance and Stability testing


Medical | Industrial | POS

Supported Platforms


  • Windows Embedded Compact.
  • Windows Embedded Standard.
  • Embedded Linux.
  • Nucleus.


  • Application Development
  • Bluetooth communication
  • Custom User Interface
  • Set-Top-Box, Home Entertainment
  • Video Surveillance

  • Enterprise & Consumer
  • Augmented Reality, Location based services
  • Middle-tier customization
  • Real-time Image Analysis
  • Voice-over-IP



  • Load Testing
  • Setup test infrastructure including Build & Automation labs.
  • Setup Performance and Stress Test beds.
  • Setup Static Code Analysis tools.
  • Memory leak detection
  • Power consumption analysis.


Helping our customers stay a step ahead by utilizing our strong partner relationships

For all your Embedded solution development needs, please email us at sales@aomatatech.com.