Our Multimedia Services

Ever since the inception of Aomata, we have been providing exceptional services to our clients in Multimedia solutions development. The Multimedia technologies are typically quite challenging and to come up with an end-to-end solution involving client, servers and mobile devices requires an engineering team that is a couple of notches above the skill levels of a typical engineering team. Our team knows the system requirements in an efficient multimedia system, from codec configuration to network protocols in a dedicated and shared network environment. We understand the importance of fully utilizing the graphics capabilities and when to offload processing to a dedicated hardware and when to save the costs by avoiding the deployment costly hardware.

Content Distribution


Aomata serves customers who are looking for streaming live corporate broadcast within their corporate LAN or broadcasting live or recorded feeds on internet. From cloud storage to content distribution over standard or proprietary streaming protocols, we can help you develop an efficient and secure multimedia pipeline meeting both your short-term and long-term needs.

Home Entertainment

For the last several years, Aomata has been advising its Multimedia service provider customers develop Set-top-box firmware, multimedia pipeline and media centric user interface. We understand ways to help our customers secure and monetize their media assets effectively and also provide an optimal experience to the end users. We have also got experience with integrating with Microsoft Windows Media Center, integrating with TV Tuners to stream ATSC, DVB-T and other broadcast standards prevalent internationally. Similarly, our ability to handle various types of codecs such as MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H264 helps up build a comprehensive solution for our customers.

Video Surveillance


Aomata is one of the very few engineering firms who can develop real time video surveillance solutions with up to millisecond accuracy. We understand that in a time critical application such as that for video surveillance, the operators and decision makers cannot afford to wait for slow and inaccurate processing. As such we advise our customers on how to develop a frame accurate content distribution and analytics system where new camera feeds are consistently loaded within a fraction of a second and reliably processed in an efficient manner.

  • Integration with a variety of cameras including Cisco, Sony, PELCO, Axis
  • Integration with S/W and H/W codecs, including
  • H264, MPEG-4, MJPEG, AAC,  uLaw
  • Support for HD and SD content.
  • Standard (RTSP/RTP, HTTP) & Proprietary Protocols

  • Frame accurate Trick-play and forensics analysis support
  • Storage of A/V data in MP4, AVI and custom containers.
  • Stream Analytics including Motion Detection
  • Synchronized playback of multiple streams
  • Backup and failover support

For all your multimedia solution development needs, please email us at sales@aomatatech.com